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Social recruitment positions4

Work Location:
  • Gene editing senior scientist R&D positions Shanghai 1人

    Job Description:
    1、Design and conduct gene editing experiments and subsequent identification at the cell level;

    2、Design and conduct molecular biology experiments related to gene editing;

    3、Developing new gene-editing technologies.

    Core qualifications:

    1、Master degree or above;

    2、Experience in stem cell culture, stem cell gene editing and functional genome screening is preferred;

    3、At least 6 years (director scientist) /3 years (senior scientist) /1 year (scientist) working experience;

    4、Proficient in gene editing operations represented by CRISPR-Cas9;

    5、Proficient in experimetal skills of cell and molecular biology.

    Resume Delivery E-mailhr@xellsmart.com

  • QC Technician R&D positions Shanghai 1人

    Job Description:

    1、Responsible for the quality tests of the intermediate and final products of stem cells, and fill in the test records, instrument and equipment usage records, test reports, etc;

    2、Participate in the quality testing of stem cell products in the process of quality research, methodology development, validation and transfer, process optimization, stability research, etc;

    3、Participate in QC laboratory, equipment daily cleaning and maintenance;

    4、Complete other work assigned by superior.

    Core qualifications:

    1、Bachelor degree or above, major in microbiology, molecular biology, cell biology or pharmacy, with at least 1 year working experience;

    2、Experience in microbiological testing (asepsis, mycoplasma, virus, endotoxin, etc.), or familiar with flow cytometry, ELISA, qPCR is preferred

    3、Have working experience in cell therapy industry, master cell culture routine technology, have certain aseptic operation consciousness is preferred;

    4、Strong sense of responsibility, good at communication and coordination, team spirit, can bear hardships and stand hard work, have a strong sense of confidentiality;

    5、Have the willingness and motivation to study independently (literature, laws and regulations, experimental techniques, training, etc.), try new challenges, and strive to improve yourself.

    Resume Delivery E-mailhr@xellsmart.com

  • QA Specialist R&D positions Shanghai 1人

    Job Description:

    1、Plan and maintain the quality system and document control system to ensure the stability and compliance of the quality system and procedures
    2、Implement strict internal control and internal audit according to quality internal audit plan, support external audit;

    Core qualifications:

    1、Master degree or above;

    2、Experience in leading or participating in the whole process of cell drug QA is preferred (including stem cell investigator-initiated clinical trial project);

    3、Familiar with GMP quality control is preferred; Familiar with clinical-grade cell bank establishment, quality control system and quality methodology verification is preferred;

    4、At least 2 years experience in QA system construction and implementation;

    Resume Delivery E-mailhr@xellsmart.com


  • Clinical Registration Specialist R&D positions Shanghai 1人

    Job Description:

    1、Plan the application and registration of the company's products and pipelines, and promote the preparation of application materials and other registration according to the requirements of drug regulations;
    2、Organize timely communication with regulatory authorities and coordinate with other departments to complete the rectification;
    3、Organize, coordinate and supervise the preclinical CRO trials of the company's products and the third party application according to the requirements of the registration program

    Core qualifications:

    1、Master degree or above;

    2、Successful experience in leading or participating in the application of IND for cell drugs is preferred (including stem cell investigator-initiated clinical trial project);

    3、At least 2 years of drug registration experience.

    Resume Delivery E-mailhr@xellsmart.com


Campus recruitment position1

Work Location:
  • Research Assistant/Internship R&D positions Shanghai 5+人

    Job Description:
    1、Assist to implement the R&D plan and achieve the R&D target according to the R&D requirements;

    Core qualifications:

    1、Bachelor degree or above (major in life science or related);

    2、At least one professional experience or training in gene editing/stem cell/animal modeling/immunology

    Resume Delivery E-mailhr@xellsmart.com

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The valley spread out beneath us. Tracks led up the mountainside. The road hugs the coast for hundreds of miles. The landscape seemed to stretch into infinity. All the future is an extension of the present. We can't change the past. but we can make the future.

- Yang Fan

Life shouldn't only be a corner, but enterprises should aim high. For me, joining XellSmart is a way to see the world in a higher dimension. Joining a company with full ambition and destined to be extraordinary, to open up new frontiers, to verify, correct and learn from the known and the unknown, is something that you will never regret.

- Lao Qiu


Double salary at the end of the year, lunch allowance, job promotion, skill training, flat management, team dinner, Six insurance and one pension, staff travel, Double weekend off, paid annual leave, snacks and afternoon tea, gym, housing allowance, flexible work, overtime meal allowance

  • Clear promotion channels

  • Six Social Insurance and One Housing Fund

  • Competitive Salary

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